By on September 23 2015 3:31 AM EDT International Business Times

Pop icon Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson looks happy now as compared to when she was only 11 years old. The 17-year-old has come out strong after the death of her dad in 2009. The teen is completely unrecognizable in the new pictures that she posted on Instagram.

With her piercing blue eyes, Paris has always been pretty, but now she has blossomed into a stunning young woman. In complete contrast of the secluded life that she lead after her father’s death, she has now become a social media sensation and keeps updating pictures and details of her life on Instagram and Facebook. She also has a boyfriend now.

Her new found happiness is reportedly due to her boyfriend Chester Castellaw, who is a member of Real So Cal soccer club. Paris was first seen with her boyfriend on March 23 working out in a Calabasas Park, California. Mirror contacted a rep for Paris for comment.

“Paris is completely head over heels for him and she has been gushing about him constantly, telling her family members that she loves him and he is her soul mate,” they said.

Meanwhile, the couple are already reportedly serious about each other and planning a future together. The insider said that Chester was in love with Paris would love to marry her, adding that the ring that she wore was a promise ring that he gave her.

Paris returned to her family home near Los Angeles in March. She had been going to a speciality boarding school in Utah. After her dad’s death, she and her brothers Michael, 18, and Blanket, 13 lived with mostly their grandmother Katherine Jackson and older cousin T.J. Jackson.

The “Lundon’s Bridge” actress has led a secluded life after Michael Jackson’s death. A far cry from her troubled past in 2013, when she reportedly tried to commit suicide due to depression, the teenager now looks happy, fit and fresh in her Instagram pictures.

Earlier, a source had told E Online that she was “doing real well.” The person said that Utah was exactly the place that she needed to get better adding that she was in a much better place than she was a year ago.