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Building The Foundation

C-IT Entertainment

Is the production company behind the Lundon’s Bridge Franchise. C-IT Entertainment has been working for years to create the novel, artwork, industry connections and to organize the funding for Lundon’s Bridge. C-IT is headed by Dennis Christen, the writer and creator of Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys. It is Dennis’s vision that has brought this project into existence and his passion for giving back to education and the futures of our children that has created the Cinema Night opportunity for schools as well as the fundraising aspect of the Lundon’s Bridge Franchise.

Sandman Studios Entertainment

Is a full-service creative agency engaged in animation, visual effects production and interactive multimedia. With the ability to deliver everything from initial concept and design to development, integration and implementation, Sandman provides high quality solutions that meet your media needs, and that work within your budget.

Sandman’s principals have worked extensively among a diverse and prominent portfolio of Entertainment, Media, Technology and Fortune 500 corporations, bringing industry-leading strategy and design together with advanced technology to create award-winning, innovative solutions across a broad range of media.

The principals at Sandman have been key providers of leading technical and creative services to the market place. The Company’s ability to provide the highest quality services from beginning to end rivals larger competitors. However, Sandman has a much lower cost structure than these larger players, and therefore, is able to deliver a significantly higher return on investment to its clients. It is this value leadership that enables the Company to successfully win accounts with its high profile clientele.

Equipped with the latest technologies and staffed with talented professionals and artists, Sandman is an attractive provider due to its ability to provide high quality solutions, while at the same time offering quick response times and reliability, at very competitive prices.

Paralight Films

Was created in 2008 by the owners of Sandman Studios, a visual effects, animation and interactive studio which has worked extensively in the Hollywood film and television industry. The reason Lee Baker and Stephen Sobisky created Paralight Films was to move from visual effects and animation into a feature film production company.

In 2008 Stephen Sobisky and Lee Baker created Paralight Films and have focused their efforts on creating feature film and television projects. Paralight Films currently has over ten feature film projects in development and is ready to move forward on four of those films.