We Started Early!!

Why has the LUNDON’S BRIDGE TEAM decided to bring the entire Lundon’s Bridge Franchise out to the public so early?

The average Hollywood Team finishes their movie and then just prior to it coming out in the theaters they introduce it to the public in the form of an advertisement. Sometimes, prior to the movie being made, they will intro the stars and have them start hitting the talk shows in hopes of planting the names or the theme of the upcoming movie in the minds of the public so when they do bring the finished film out, the public may recall the earlier seeds and listen more intently to the advertisements.

We, on the other hand, needed to test market our subject matter. We needed to test the public’s response to our character designs, etc. We needed to build both public awareness to our story and to our characters. LUNDON’S BRIDGE and its entire team, though all of the members have worked on major films in the past, have joined a 100% independent effort. We have a major studio’s level budget, we have a major studio’s level of cast and crew but we do not have the major studio level marketing machine. We had to build a marketing machine bigger and better than the major studios. So, we decided to take it to the public, right from the get go, in order to get YOUR feedback. After all, YOU are the customer.

We believe that if we partner with our customer base, we will get more direct guidance of what is wanted in story, theme, and presentation than if we listen to a high-priced studio executive who hasn’t been inside the public’s circles since he or she was a struggling wannabe entertainment person. After listening to teachers, students, parents, and other ‘in the know’ people, we’ve built a partnership with the biggest doers in the high-tech world as far as today’s technology. The end results are numerous and we are very proud of the foundation we’ve built. With your (the public’s) partnership we are ready to go head to head with any major studio’s project out there. Watch us fly!


  1. I personally think that you have surpassed anything that Hollywood have thought of.
    Not only are you engaging your audience in the infant stages, I/we feel like we are apart
    of this beautiful creation/adventure before it’s release. A truly incredible strategy!
    Not only is this an incredible journey for your audience/customer, you are permitting
    us all to take part in something that’s not only educational, bringing awareness to our
    beautiful planets plight, you are breaking boundaries!
    Too many times we’ve seen pointless movies produced, the audience is only made aware
    of these once they’re completed!
    Audience participation like this is unique, adults and more importantly children are for the
    first time going to feel the REAL magic of movies.
    Truly incredible, keep doing what you’re doing, this is going to be huge.
    Thank you Dennis, for your passion to make this a reality.
    Love and blessing to all the team x

    • Mandy, it is wonderful that you get it. We’ve had some of our followers laughing and pointing their fingers at us saying we are stupid for trying to do things out of the box. As the creator of Lundon’s Bridge, it started out of the box and when my screenwriting partner, Craig Zukowski and I spent two and a half years locked up in my apartment in Hollywood writing this baby, we started out of the box and ended up there still today. We are fully aware that we have to compete with the major studios and we are ready. Thanks for being there with us!

  2. cant wait for this its a great idea! (good luck paris, you rock girlx)


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